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Launched in 2009, Miami Digicom has been growing strong ever since. Providing wholesale Brand Cell Phones straight from the heart of Miami to Central and South American, as well as the Caribbean. Connecting clients from Guatemala to El Salvador; Panama to Barbados, Columbia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Uruguay, and Paraguay among other central locations in the Southern Hemisphere, and all across Latin America, Miami Digicom works with distributors and dealers, providing excellent customer service, warranties on all of our products, and up-to-date, popular brands.

With nearly two decades of experience in the Cell Phone business, Lusia Marmol, the company's CEO, spearheads Miami Digicom with the expertise and networking credentials she brings from working high on the ladder of large industry corporations such as CellStar Latin America and Brightpoint Latin America. Bringing both know-how and creativity to Miami Digicom, Marmol is taking her knowledge of the industry a step further into the future of Latin America.

Communication and connectivity has never been as essential to business and lifestyle as it is today. Miami Digicom knows that and is ready to connect you.



Miami Digicom offers its clients the most popular and coveted cell phones around the world. Our brands include 2Kool, Apple, Motorola, Gol, LG, Smooth and Samsung, among others. With distributors and retail stores all over Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean, we provide excellent customer service along the way.

We look forward to working with you and welcoming you to our line of high grade product and services.

A leader in mobile services in an ever-changing market, Miami Digicom has the creativity, style, products, and business savvy to follow the market for generations to come.
Our customers are our first priority. Together, our top of the line products, stellar services, and top notch support provide our clients with the tools to succeed.
Our main focus is to supply the most fashionably up to date and technologically advanced mobile phones, electronics, accessories and innovations below market prices.
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PHONE: 305.599.5281